Get Coin Master coins: the best ways to collect your coins

Coins are the most usefull resources you can get on Coin Master to level up your account. It’s mostly used to upgrade the 5 buildings you have on a village. The aim of this game is to level up a village among more the 200+ levels that are available in the game today. On a village, you are able to make 4 upgrades per building, which reward you with a star by each level up. For each 20 stars you get, your village pass to the next level so you have new buildings to upgrade. The more levels you reach, the more coins you need to level up your village. Now you understand how coins are essential if you want to progress in Coin Master.

Earn Coin Master coins with your Spins

Spins are generating automatically every hour on the game and you earn approximaticaly 5 of them each hour. They are the most common way to get coins and there are diferents type of rewards that give you many Coin Master coins.

Coins reward

When rolling a spin you can earn directly some coins. There are 2 kinds of coins reward:

  • A simple coin. It gives you a little amount of coins arround 1k each time you roll it once. As there are 3 possibilties, so you can get until arround 25k at maximum if all rolls go on this reward.
  • A sack of coins. It gives you arround 7.5k coins per single roll or about 100k coins if the 3 sack are rolled.

The amount of coins mentioned above are that you get when you’re level 1. Each village level upgrade increase the reward amount.

This is the less complicated way to earn coins in Coin Master.


Sometimes, you will get your 3 rolls on the hammer, that will give you the possibility to attack someone else village. When you go for this, you see an other player’s village and you can select one of his buildings to attack it. If the opposite player doesn’t have a shield or a pet to protect his village, you destroy the selected building and earn a great amount of coins.

coin master attack


If your spin stop on the pig head 3 times in a row, this means you can make a raid on other player’s village. This is personally my prefered reward, as you can steal from him an amazing amount of coins. Basically, you can steal him all his treasure, but you have only 3 tries to dig on his village to find his coins. So you earn a ramdon amount of coins based on the player’s treasure. With raid, you can aslo find some intersting things for your account such as pets, cards if you are lucky enough to find a chest.

Earn coins with your Daily reward

That’s the most easy way to earn coins for your village. Indeed, every day you logon to your Coin Master account, you have some daily bonus that give you so many coins. For instance, when you login the first time of the day even with a village level 4, you get arround 1.5 millions of coins.

Also, you have a daily access to a huge coins spins once a day, which can reward you between 50k to 20M coins at level 4 too. This is a great method to save time getting your coins.

You can use this method once a day so it’s still a very great way to generate a large amount of coins everyday.

Earn coins with others methods

Also there are so many ways to get some extra coins in Coin Master. Keep reading this article to find out the best unknows methods you can use to gain so many coins.

Use the free spins generator

If you like to roll spins, I have the best way for you to earn your coins. You can go to our homepage to see how to get Coin Master free spins. Indeed, we have shared with you a secret method that will help you to get almost unlimited spins. This is perfect if you don’t want to wait hours for your spins. So let’s roll your spins without limit now!

Daily free gift with email

email gift

There is another intersting passive method you can use. Actually, you can enter you email inside your Coin Master account. It will give you access to some bonus just for you. It means, you will be rewarded with exclusives bonus that only people who have entered their email are notified. So if you are really looking for some extra resources, you can go for it.

Watching some videos advertisement

If you watch on the right bottom corner of your screen when you play Coin Master, you can see a little ads icon. This a just a 30 seconds ads video that can give you few thousand of coins. It’s very usefull if you want rapid coins without putting effort on it.

Buy Coins/Spins on shop

Finally, the way that will give you the best amount of coins is to buy them on the official shop inside the game. This is also the most expensive method, as you need to spend your real money on it but it’s really worth if you are looking for coins. The average price is 15$ for 10 millions coins. You can buy some spins too with an average price of 5$ per 100 spins, that will also give you a great amount of coins in final.

Or you can go for the Coin Spins which cost about 4$ per spin. It’s very expensive but can make you earn a maximum of 200 millions of coins which is an amazing amount of coins!

coins spins

Now you’re aware of all the bests methods you can use to gain more coins on Coin Master. Just try all of them and go for the method you prefere to get so many coins.

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