Earn free resources everyday on Coin Master

Playing Coin Master need a constant amount of spins as they are the key of your progression. Of course, you earn your daily spins every hour 5 by 5, but this isn’t much if you aim to get big rewards.  There are a bunch of methods that allow players to get some great spins bonus. Here we want to talk with you about the benefits of using Coin Master gift link and how it can really boost your levels so fast. These gift links aren’t giving you so much rewards, but you can use as many links as there are availables. There are all coming from official the Official Coin Master pages, and are real and free rewards.

Coin Master gift link that are available today

Recents links of the weeks will be added every days on the list below. Links expire after some days, so if one dosn’t work, just go for a fresher one.

If the list isn’t updated, don’t worry. Wait a bit and we will come back with the most recent links very soon! We usally add links everyday, so you should be able to claim at least 2 rewards a day.

Where do these links come from?

All Coin Master Gift links that we are sharing here are coming from the official social pages of the game. Indeed, Coin Master is very active on social network, they share a lot of content with their followers. Everyday, there are some bonus links that appear on their Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. If you want to have bonus links in real time, you can directly subscribre to the social pages and frequently check for a new gift link. Or you can simply bookmark our website to have a updated list fews time a day.

They also share many questions or riddles with fans to keep them engaged in the game. The community has more than 8M followers on all platforms. The Coin Master team also asks players to understand what they want to see in their favorite game. This is a very good thing for the evolution of a game and we can predict that many new players will come in the years 2019-2020!

Why should you get Coin Master daily rewards for your account? 

As every Coin Master lovers, your dream is to play the machine slot continuously. And we all know this is not what’s happening at the low levels as you need a lot of time before you can stack thousand of spins in your account. So you probably just play as regular players, waiting for daily coins & spins and events with the hope to have a decent rewards.

But, here with coinmasterwealth, we are happy to share with you bonus links every day. With daily rewards on Coin Master you can make the difference than other players. Getting more spins everyday means that you are going to earn some awesome rewards more than other players. You will so upgrade your village faster, and so get higher rewards.

After that, if you didn’t get enough resources you can read our coin master tutorial. This will give you some great advices to collect more spins.

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