Guide for Coin Master: 7 usefull tips for new players

Starting on a new game is sometime boring as it needs a long time of play to understand the basics of the game.. Even mobile games like Coin Master, you have to know a lot of things if you want to be effective while you’re playing. That’s why we made this little recap of x tips, which is a must do list of pratices that new players may ignore.

Beginners guide: 7 tips for newbies on Coin Master

1 – Never let coins on your account.

When you stop playing Coin Master, don’t forget to spend all the coins you have collected before leaving. Indeed, other players can make a raid on your village and steal from you all your coins. That’s why we higly suggest you to always level up to the maximum you can the buildings inside your village. To save more coins, you should start with the most expensive buildings. So, you wont be stuck with a lot of coins without been able to improve them.  

2 – Always get three shields

Also, this is a very important thing. With your spins, you have the chance to get some shield which are necessary to protect your village from other players attacks. Without a shield, if a player attack you, he can destroye one level of the buildings he choose in your village. You can stack until 3 shields in a same time, then you have to earn them again by spinning. 

3 – Win x3 x5…x10

win x10 bonus

A cool tips to know when you’re spining with a lot of reserve, is that you can increase the amount of spins you pay for a roll. For example, if you choose x3, spinning once will cost 3 spins but the rewards are multiplied by 3 also! More than for coins only, this include everything! It means the treasure you find on a raid or attack are is x3,  If you roll a shield when you already got 3, your spins are refunded.

4- Collecting Cards to earn rewards

When you level up a village, you always earn some stuff. Usually 25 spins and also a chest. There are three kinds of chests: wooden, golden and magical. There are respectively classed the worst to the best and they give you some cards you can collect. The best chest you open, the more cards you get. Collecting cards is an excellent way to get a lot of spins in the long run. There are sets of 9 cards from the same theme to collect before you get a reward. Basically the more set you collect, more free spins you earn and there are a lot of sets!

set completed

If you have a card more than one time, you can send it to one of your friend to help him if he needs this cards. Completing a set allow you also sometime to get a pet.

5 – Temporary events 

These days, there are a lot of temporary events that can out every 2 or 3 days. They provide amazing bonus such as gold and spins in high amount. It’s often hard to complete then as you need to roll the wheel so many times to pass the very high amount rewards, but it still help very much. Event are frequently changing, so you have to start from 0 again your progress from the last one. It’s annoying but it’s still easy to get early rewards.

6 – tournament to earn reward

If you take this game seriously and want a bit of challenge, you should have a look on temporary tournaments. They don’t last for a long time, so you have to focus on it and put much effort to get rewards. Basically, you earn points for tournament for attacks or raid you do, with more points for the perfect raids. You can also hit 3 symbols of the tournament by spinning and to collect 20 points. Muliplicator do work on this tournament, so you can get plenty of points if you have enough spins.

Rewards are amazing for the top 3 of the leaderboard as you can earn +500 spins, get so much experiences for you pet and a magical chest.

7 – Get a pet to help you

Once you complete a collection set of cards, you unlock a pet. Pets are very usefull as they can achieve some tasks very usefull for players. For instance, they have a chance to block other people attacks without shield. They can steal more coins on a raid if you wans’t lcuky enough to find all the treasure etc…

foxxy pet

However, pets need to be treated well. This means that you have to feed them if you want they help you. Food for your pets are some awards that you earn throughout the game. Also, a pet can level up if you give him some xp potions. For each level your pet gain, his competences increase a bit.

This Coin Master guide has some tips that need to be treated in details. Some articles will come to explain further each points of this article, just be patient. You can also read our page to learn how to get extra spins on Coin Master.

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