Play Coin Master Events to earn amazing rewards

Playing Coin Master is sometime anoying when you have only few spins and dont earn anything great. So, you cannot upgrade your village, barely earn some shield to protect yourself but can’t really play… Then you have to stop playing and wait about a day for your daily spins amount reset to 50 and hope to get better reward the next time. This is the worst that can happen on this game for you, but it’s often the case if you don’t have many spins. If you require a lot of coins to complete your building, you can be stuck many days without getting anything fun. But fortunately, nowaday there are some temporary events that helps a lot to get awesome rewards!

1500 spins win

What are the best Best Coin Master events

Among all the events available you can come across those that are:

Diamond Tournament

Earn points while doing some action like Raids or attacks. Play against 50 players and try to be the first of the tournament for the best rewards.

Special Events

Events by themes, rewarding you by collecting points with Raid and Attacks or if you spins 3 themed icons.

special event

Attack Madness

Event focused on attack only. Earn great rewards when attacking other players only. Gettting blocked by shield or Rinho doesn’t effect your progress.

Raid Madness

Do Raids to get awesome rewards. The more stages you achieve, the better is the rewards. It can even go until 20k spins at the last stage, but it’s very hard to collect that many points with only raids.

Village Master

Get a prize each time you complete a village. Basically it gives you about 10M, 50 spins and 10k pet xp after you upgrade a village to the maximum levels.

Bet Blast

This event allows you to bet even higher that is usually possible. It means you can go on x20 when you should be on x3. It can be amazing when you hit a Raid, or to combine with other events likes Attack Madness or Diamond Tournament for instance.

Cards Boom

Giving 50% more cards if you open a chest while this event is on. This means you can earn for a magical chest 12 cards instead of 8.

Cards for Chests

Exchange your duplicate cards for chests. Each cards got a value that is converted to points you can trade for a chest. A chest cost a number of points that you can get by selecting cards.

Gold Card Trade

Special event that allows players to choose among 2 Gold Cards shown in a pop-up. It’s very usefull to complete your collection, as Gold Cards arn’t tradable with your friends.


In this event, you can spins with high bet to have a chance to earn a lot of coins. Basically, it changes your rewards to a huge stack of coins.

Balloon Frenzy

While spinning, you can see some balloons appear on your screen. Click on them to earn bonus that goes until 1k spins.

Balloons Frenzy

Viking Quest

In this event, when you roll 3 time on the vicking slot, you have a mission to achieve for a rewards. There are two kinds of missions: regular or bonus. The coins you won with this evetn are protected from raid for 3 minutes.

Set Blast

Complete set of cards to earn high rewards.

Gift Master

Purschase coins or spins pack with the gift icon to get a awesome rewards according to the price of your purchase.

Sometimes it can happen that you cannot see the current events. This often means that you have to update your Coin Master appplication in the Play Store or the App Store. Also, clean your phone cache to be sure that everything work fine. If you want more informations about Coin Master events you can go here: https://moonactive.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360000286454-Events

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